Language Therapist for adults and children Language Development Checklist

Your Child’s Receptive and Expressive Language Development

Read each question from birth up through your child’s age group and check yes or no.

Add the total, if 2 or more No’s, take action – Contact Deborah




Childs Age




Does your child understand most of what is said at home and at school?

Does your child pay attention to a story and answer simple questions about it?

4 ½  to

5 years

Does your child communicate easily with other children and adults?

Does he/she say all sounds correctly except maybe one or two?

Does your child use the same grammar as the adults in the family?

Does your child understand most of what is said at home and at preschool?

Can your child answer questions about recent events/activities?

4    to

4 ½  years

Does your child use sentences that give lots of details – ex.” I have two red balls at home.”

Can your child tell you a story and stay on the topic?

Does your child answer “Who?”, “What?”, “Where?”, “Why?” Questions?

Does your child understand questions about past events?

Does your child understand location words such as in, on, under, beside, behind?

3    to   4


Does your child talk about what he/she does at school or at a friend’s house?

Does your child say most sounds correctly except r, l, th, and s?

Does your child usually talk easily without repeating syllables or words?

Do people outside your family usually understand your child’s speech?

Does your child use a lot of sentences that have 4 or more words?

Does your child understand differences in meaning (“go-stop”; “big-little”; “up-down”)?

Can your child follow two requests – “Get the ball and put it on the table”?

Does your child play co-operatively with adults and peers?

Does your child show joint attention and pleasure with peers and adults?

2   to  3


Does your child have a word for almost everything?

Does your child use 2-3 word “sentences?

Do you understand your child’s speech most of the time?

Does your child often ask for or direct your attention to objects by naming them?

Can your child point to pictures in a book when they are named?

Does your child point to body parts when asked?

Can your child follow simple commands and understand simple questions such as “Roll the ball”, “Kiss the baby”, “Where’s your shoe?”

Does your child listen to simple stories, songs and rhymes?

Is your child beginning to play appropriately and take turns?

1   to   2     years

Is your child saying more and more words every month?

Does your child use some 1-2 word questions (“Where kitty?”, “Go bye-bye?”)

Does your child put 2 words together (“more cookie”, “mommy block”)

Does your child use many different consonant sounds at the beginning of words?

Does your child wait for his/her turn?

Does your child show pleasure and joint attention while playing with another?

Does your child recognize words for common items like “cup”, “ball”, “shoe”?

Has your child begun to respond to requests (“Come here”, “Want more?”)

Does your child enjoy games like peek-a-boo or pat-a-cake?

Does your child consistently turn or look up when you call his or her name?

Does your child listen when spoken to?

7 months


1 year

Does your child have 1 or 2 words although they may not be clear?

Does your child’s babbling have both long and short vowels?

Does your child imitate different speech sounds and animal noises?

Does your child use speech or non-crying sounds to get and keep your attention?

Does your child respond to “no” and changes in your tone of voice?

Does your child notice toys that make sound?

4 to 6 months

Does your child’s babbling sound more speech-like with lots of different sounds including p,b and m?

Does your chld tell you by sound or gesture when he/she wants you to do something again?

Does your child turn to you when you speak?

Does your child smile when spoken to?

Does your child seem to recognize your voice and quiet down if crying?

Does your child listen to speech?

0 to 3 months

Does your child repeat the same sounds a lot (cooing, gooing)?

Does your child smile when she/ he sees you?

Does your child make pleasure sounds?

Does your child look at you, look away and then look again?

Total Total

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Ontario Association of the speech language pathologist and audiologists
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