Language includes the following:

  • Understanding language
    • Following directions
    • Using non-verbal language (gestures/eye contact)
  • Expressing language
    • Learning/retrieving words
    • Constructing sentences or expressing ideas/wants/needs
  • Cognitive-Communication
    • Reasoning
    • Problem solving
    • Memory
    • Organization
  • Auditory memory for words, sentences and conversation speech
  • Understanding written language
  • Reading, spelling, and writing abilities
  • Communicating in social situations (e.g. taking turns in conversation)
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Language-- It feels great to be able to express myself


Language Milestones- key age/ speech benchmarks

Learning Disabilities

Speech-language pathologists assess children (and adults) who are suffering from learning disabilities (LD). LD refers to disorders that affect the acquisition, organization, retention, and understanding or the use of verbal or non-verbal communication.
Oral language, reading, writing, and other skills are dramatically affected by LD. Speech-language pathologists can help



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